Sporty Takes Over Traditional Men’s Wear. With many companies giving employees the option of not returning to the office until later in the year, those who do make the commute may see a more relaxed and casual environment with fewer colleagues around.

Here, transitional outfits that combine casual items like chino trousers with more traditional business shirts will be key. This change has come about as people realise that it is possible to dress more comfortably and still look smart.


In this new scenario, the Maurizio Baldassari Collection is designed for men who love the refined yet casual wardrobe; men who would wear unstructured suits, striped linen polos and super-fine merino wool T-shirts.

"This collection is for people who need to look like they are well put-together and mean business but don’t want to wear a jacket and tie. The garments express personality but are still business-adjacent”.

  • A back-to-basics approach to dressing

The focus of the Maurizio Baldassari Collection is on trans-seasonal pieces and a smaller range that limits the number of styles, thus creating a more timeless wardrobe. Less obsolescence also translates into a great achievement for fashion sustainability. The Brera Essentials Line includes effortless pieces that every modern man should have in his wardrobe. The Reversible Knitted Jacket, for example, is a fashion item that transcends trends in its contemporary luxury, elegance and timelessness.

Baldassari t-shirt
  • Timeless Stripes

Stripes are an integral part of the Maurizio Baldassari collections. No men’s wardrobe is complete without a striped linen polo. Extra colourful, delineated, in different proportions and running either vertically or horizontally, stripes are simply captivating. The Linen striped Polo is breathable and stylish for the most casual of days.

Baldassari striped t-shirt
  • Eco – ethical – “Loved clothes last”

Maurizio Baldassari respects and safeguards the Italian territory by producing only through Italian family-run laboratories – the best in the business. The Maurizio Baldassari philosophy creates and maintains Italian excellence, whilst protecting the small local artisans from delocalisation. The knitwear collection is also created with “green yarns” such as Eco-tec.

Male model wearing Baldassari t-shirt


“A high-quality, breathable, hygroscopic, resistant and crease-proof yarn. A host of benefits for a plethora of uses".

Eco-tec gives garments an additional protective function thanks to the “Eco Idro” treatment. Fruit of the Tollegno 1900 research project, this process renders the item water repellent whilst maintaining its softness, without impacting the environment due to using environmentally-friendly substances that are easily disposable.

Male model wearing Baldassari jacket and sweater

NEW UTILITY - Keeping It Casual, Playing It Safe

The Maurizio Baldassari safari jacket is one of the most versatile outerwear offerings available today. Whether you’re looking for an alternative replacement for the traditional blazer or you want a lightweight jacket to throw on over a white T-shirt and chinos, the safari jacket is a great option that will only get better with time.

The safari jacket is defined by its pattern but different materials can provide different effects. Linen ages well, ensuring a jacket that will take on a timeworn look. Reda Wool has more of an eveningwear feel, while options in Nylon mean added insulation mid-season.

Male model wearing Baldassari safari jacket


Ethical production

Maurizio Baldassari believes in sustainability as a means of growth, hence the choice of only the best Italian manufacturers that comply with the corporate vision and values. The aim is to achieve organic growth by increasing market share through the sale of items of excellence, selective distribution, and investing in product, know-how and innovation.


The COCO MILD KNITTED JACKET is crafted from a cotton-​viscose blend, made as a slim fit to be worn as a more casual substitute to the dressier blazer. It can be styled with a striped T-shirt and linen trousers or worn more casually over a navy T-​shirt and jeans for a relaxed look.

Male model wearing Baldassari jacket